Welcome to The Hope Barn

  • Sound Journeys
    We perform Sound Journeys for groups from 5 to 45 people at a time Leading them through a deep Meditation with the aid of sound and Sonic Alchemy.

  • Sound Journeys for Mother Nature
    These Sound Journeys are a prayer for Harmony between humans and our Mother Earth. May these healing sounds help bring harmony and balance.

  • Sound Journey OFFERINGS to Mother nature
    These Sound journey's are a prayer for Harmony between humans and our Mother Earth.

  • Tuning Fork Therapy ~ Healing with Sound
    The chakras are related to the seven basic energy centers in the body.

  • Chakras: Colors and Characteristics
    Acutonic Tuning Forks are a divine healing tool.

  • Elemental Feng Shui
    Consulting Services include Feng Shui readings for: New and existing homes and businesses

  • Singing Bowls
    Acutonic Tuning Forks are a divine healing tool.

My mission is to guide you along your path
of coming home to your soul.

Hello, welcome to this page. I am Karla Hope Miller and I am so happy you are here!
Let me share a little story about me and how I can help you navigate your journey.

I was a landscaper by trade for about 25 years. Yes, that was me, digging in the dirt, planting beautiful flowers and creating sacred spaces outdoors. I was deeply connected to the earth and planting what she needed to blossom.
But there was a pivotal point in my life that completely changed everything. I was living and surfing in Costa Rica, but I felt lost, had a lack of purpose and something within me kept asking “Are you really happy, Karla?” I was just coasting through life without any direction. That question reached a deep part of my soul and interestingly enough, someone I came in contact with could sense and feel what I was going through and introduced me to astrology. I booked an intensive session with an astrology practitioner and wow, I was blown away by the validation, clarity and understanding of who I was. All of my life I had wondered who I really was and what was I meant to do here on this planet and finally, learning about my astrology chart connected all of the dots. After that one powerful intensive session, I completely changed the way I thought about myself, the world around me and how I wanted to now show up.

I sought out sessions for holistic healing along my path to help me and I was blown away by yet another door opening that led me to sound journeys. I had the most incredible sessions with gongs, sound bowls and instruments that helped me release the old version of me as I was growing and evolving into this new version of Karla. This is why I am so passionate about spiritual psychology and sound. This is why I do what I do leading sound journey sessions at the Hope Barn and offering 1-1 Sonic Alchemy Sessions along with intensives. Because I have been there in the muck, feeling lost and directionless, I know how you feel. I am here to help you along your journey to come back to home, that place within yourself that is soulful and alive. I want that for you because you deserve to evolve into your highest and best self where you are truly happy with your life and the direction you are going.

In astrology right now, we are in what’s called the Aquarian Age. This represents a shift in consciousness, a new era of a collective awakening to higher truths. It is believed to be a period in history defined by the influence of the constellation Aquarius, which is about letting go of the material world, the ego and instead adopting the idea of unity and coming together for the greater good. What are your unique gifts that can be shared with the world? And how will you share them?

I truly believe that Spirit, God, the Universe, places people on our path for a reason. To help us, to guide us, to inspire us. And if you have found this page, I believe it’s a sign that we are meant to connect.

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