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About The Native Flower

Karla Miller is a Colorado native, business owner and student of the world. From 1990 - 2007, Karla owned a successful landscaping design, installation and maintenance company in the Roaring Fork Valley, known as The Native Flower, and served many clients in Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and around the state. During that fruitful time, Karla became a practitioner of Feng Shui and employed the ancient principles to help clients create spaces with beauty and purpose. Karla continued to further this concept of design as a function of intent, enriching communities in Costa Rica and Hawaii while maintaining strong ties to her home in Colorado. As her skill and knowledge grew, so did her desire to help those in need and learn from all whose paths crossed hers. One such connection showed her the power of Acutonics (R), healing vibrations. Taking the opportunities arising from major life changes, Karla has returned to Carbondale, CO, following a circular path that has only expanded her horizons. Native Flower Design combines her vocation - landscape design - her avocation - feng shui - along with her new study of astrology and the power of the universe into one energy-filled enterprise. Karla focuses on the transformation of space into energy gardens, where success and prosperity grow. Here's what some of her feng shui and landscape design consulting clients have to say: "Karla brings creativity to her design and to her plantings that elevate the results to something special and not just another 'landscape cliche.'" - H. Arvid Johnson, Carbondale "At our Victorian home in Aspen Karla and her team designed, planted ... a garden that was totally appropriate for a Victorian. the plants were scaled down, making a 'smaller looking' garden, full of greens and colors. It bloomed all spring, summer and fall." - Dr. Ellen J. Meyers, Carbondale