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Sound Journeys for Meditation

A deeply relaxing experience where you lay down and bask in the vibrational frequencies of the singing bowls & gongs. Activating your parasympathetic nervous system to welcome peace and calm throughout your mind & body.

All you need to do is surrender and receive the vibrational energy.

  • The energy that ripple out from the Crystal bowls and Gongs draw your brain waves into theta and delta states, associated with deep relaxation
  • In this deeply relaxed state, your body releases the hormone oxytocin (love/kindness hormone) and serotonin (happy hormone)
  • Nitric oxide is also released in some parts of your body, which helps with immunity
  • Your thinking mind drops away, giving you the freedom to explore the magical space between asleep and awake
  • In this space, you’re more likely to find answers to questions you’ve been searching for. Creative ideas, clarity, an understanding of internal blockages, peace and sense of coming home
  • The body is essentially tuned back into a state of balance and harmony through use of healing vibrations and intention


"In this fast-paced world of screens and information overload, Karla’s sound journeys provide a much needed opportunity to slow down and attune to my body, my soul and a peaceful return to a grounded sense of wellness. "

~ Aimee Cullwick

"I have had the great pleasure and appreciation of several new and full moon experiences here at "Hope Barn", I have felt a calming, better sleep and more peace… this recent full moon Sound Journey was a profound experience. I sensed someone tapping on my leg and a deep message coming through of the importance of doing my meditations, juicing, and breath work consistently and daily. New change coming in my life."

~ Arthur Franklin (Inventor: Crystal Blankets & Lover of Gaia)

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