Dear Karla, As someone who has given and received several different healing modalities, I can truly say that my experiences with you have been some of the most transformational and liberating that I have had.

Your work speaks for itself. You have an intuitive nature and a compassion that keeps a person moving forward & transcending their own limitations. Since our work together and setting intentions, I've felt like I've surrendered to a process that is much larger than me. The healing work you do with tuning forks and astrology has allowed to me to trust again and enter back into the flow of life. I've appreciated how you've made time to follow up with me, how you've stuck with me, and encouraged my own growth.

It's one thing to help a person's body heal but to be an essential part in the evolution of a person's soul takes it to a much deeper level. I've rediscovered my soul and let go of who I thought I "should" be since our journey began. It's hard to express how much that MEANS to me, but all I know is that I've been a witness to seeing some of my dreams come true since I've worked with you. I can't thank you enough.

Karla, you are a beautiful healer and what you share with others is truly a gift.

With Love & Infinite Gratitude,
Kristin Klein

My experiences with Karla Miller have been truly transformative. This past year had been a very emotional, stressful and challenging one, to say the least. I spent months in therapy, looking for all the answers to help me move forward and stop living in the past. I found that talking with my therapist gave me comfort in many ways, but it always took me back into revisiting what I so needed to leave behind, and close that chapter in my life in order to start living in the present. I needed to find someone that could really tap into the roots of my issues.

Upon meeting with Karla for my first session, her knowledge, intuitiveness and presence completely set my mind at ease, and allowed my body to relax. Each session I had with Karla lightened my mood, totally felt uplifted , with clarity and left feeling more grounded. Almost like waking up from a trance with an Ah Ha moment. My last session with Karla was days before I was flying out to California where I was in charge of food preparation for up to 600 people, at Sat Nam Fest for 5 days. The stress of not knowing who I would have working for me, what the facilities looked like could have taking me into a very dark place. Instead I was ready, mentally and physically for this exciting challenge.(in the past I would have been a basket case, yelling and loosing my temper very quickly)

My work as a Chef can be extremely physically stressful as well as mentally. I knew immediately that the compliments I received from the volunteers, kitchen staff and the folks that we were providing food for, became possible due to the healing work that I received from Karla. This was the first time in over 20 years I was told that I was a pleasure to work for, my presence in the kitchen was delightful and the way I treated everyone was with grace and respect. I can't wait until my next sessions!!!

Susan Prior
Alive & Well The Country Crate

Tuning Forks was a new experience for me. Going into this experience unknowing what to expect, Karla welcomed me in with a comforting space and open heart. The tuning fork experience brought a sense of relaxation clarity and well-being. Tuning forks aims to bring you in right relationship with in; with Karla as a guide you are able to truly feel the love and energy that she emanates.

Karla is a true healer and her loving guidance is appreciated. I highly recommend her anyone seeking to bring a sense peace, and inner guidance.

-Andrea Romero